Humanity Must Make a Decision


For tens of thousands of years, humanity has believed in myths and legends that are not real, yet we often base our lives around them. These fantasies include religions, ideologies, dogmatic ways of thinking, and nationalism. This concept is explained very well in the book Sapiens: A Brief History of Humankind by Yuval Noah Harari.

This is a problem because it means that we are not actually seeing the reality that is truly in front of us. Therefore, we are in the dark with little to no control, constantly dealing with fairytale issues instead of direct reality. However, despite our inescapable human nature, there is one way for us all to regain control: becoming completely independent from the human collective and having our own domain.

Now is the time for humanity to change course and pursue the only path that will allow us to continue living on this earth indefinitely: ditching our existing ideologies, religions, and dogmatic ways of thinking, and instead giving each family the right to own their own piece of land, which is theirs no matter what. The sooner we make and act on this decision, the better.

One example of how we live in a fantasyland is the ideology of capitalism. During the development of human society, humanity found a way for the economy to constantly grow, and this quickly became the leading ideology. The core basis of capitalism is that investors ultimately want to get far more in return than they initially invested. Making this ideology possible are many concepts, including credit, value of money, and debt, that exist only in our imaginations. Unfortunately, we as a species tend to invest much more in such fantasyland concepts than we do in our own realities. And by doing so we obliterate entire ecosystems, nature, and even our own habitats. As a result, we are essentially sawing off the very branch we are sitting on.

Living as we do depending on the human system for our survival, all those fantasyland concepts are necessary to maintain our collective human system. If we did not have them in place, then the whole system as we know it would crumble. But what if I told you that this system is not actually the only way to live? What if each family instead chose to live on its own piece of land, independently of any mass-scale human system? By doing so, we would have no need for harmful fantasyland concepts. As a result, the way we look at the world would revolve around the things that we really care for—not from a reality that is forced upon us. From then we could build a new collective that is based on true will and therefore much more meaningful collaborations that do not exist only because of necessity.

Since such a revolutionary decision would never suddenly arise from our current leadership, this process must be built from the ground up. We can use the power of social media to explain the absurdity of our fantasyland way of living and change the public’s opinion gradually. Once enough people subscribe to it, the people in power will also get it. As a result, this movement could free us from an otherwise inevitable future of destruction. The movement’s demands for the leadership would be quite simple: a basic right that entitles every family to a free piece of land half the size of a football field.

Examples of the Fantasyland Absurdity Ingrained in Ideologies and Dogmas

  • At the core of the liberalism ideology is the right to freedom of religion. The true meaning of this principle is that we have the right to choose which fantasyland way of living we want to use as our reality. However, since this perception actually restricts our options in terms of how we can live, the ideology of liberalism actually perpetuates a state lacking in freedom instead of one that could liberate us.
  • In the reality of the capitalized world, companies that are strong in terms of power and money can ultimately shape everyone else’s “reality” however they desire. They do so using an army of lobbyists that have an incredible influence over key decision-makers within the government. As such, the government in many ways works for a handful of power groups at the expense of serving the public. Unfortunately, these power groups more often than not choose to make our already dirty world even dirtier, permit people to own weapons that make the world much more dangerous, and defend their options to sell unhealthy food that ultimately make us sicker. As a result, instead of those companies becoming tools for the public, the public becomes a tool for those companies.
  • In our free market world, people ironically are rarely free. In this kind of world, people are merely entitled to have the freedom of choice to buy whatever they want by working in jobs that they often do not like and being slaves most of their lives to a wide range of economic factors.
  • Instead of bringing children into a free world where they can freely chase their dreams and true ambitions, we strip them of their creativity by sending them to schools that are industrial in nature. It is there that they are taught how to be subordinates and how to integrate within the hierarchy of the human system and various institutions and companies—including the power groups mentioned above. Those who cannot integrate well become simple workers. In any case, this creates a perpetual system that is very difficult for us to escape.
  • We pay a dear price for living close to each other in cities and settlements because their inherent regulations constrain and narrow our freedom to live in truly unique and creative ways. Living under such dogmas compromises a large part of who we really are as individuals, as their end goal is to make us identical parts of one herd.


From the time we are infants and wherever we go, all of the ideologies and dogmatic ways of thinking we are exposed to try to convince us that we are inferior compared to an imaginary superior existence that we all must obey. This is the way the control mechanisms of the human system keep us in check, but by putting us so deeply in a fantasyland they are leading us directly to a future of destruction. Do we really need to live like this? Or can we change our reality so that we are truly in control of things around us?

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