The Key to Giving Each Family a Piece of Land


To put this revolution of freedom into motion and take matters into our own hands we need land, lots of land. Ensuring that each and every family has its own piece of land is the key to us gaining our freedom and independence, solving all world problems and avoiding human collapse. When we look at how all of the land in the world is being exploited, we will see that land on the scale of the entire Asian continent is being used to provide agriculture and grazing land for livestock. That is crazy!

While this animal industry does feed many of us, it also brings us a multitude of diseases—not just bacterial and viral ones but chronic diseases as well, including cancer, heart disease, Alzheimer's and diabetes. This is the same industry that brings immeasurable suffering to animals and even humans all over the world. This is the same industry that causes our antibiotics to be ineffective against bacteria. This is the same industry that does the worst damage to our habitats, makes countless species go extinct, depletes the world’s aquifers, pollutes our water sources, land and oceans, and it is the biggest single factor causing climate change. All of this suffering and destruction—only to preserve an unnecessary human habit and, especially, the economics that propel it forward with no end in sight.

What I am getting at here is that eliminating one of the major problems in the world, animal agriculture, is one of the key elements of our new revolution. By doing so, we can get all the land that we want and even return large amounts of it to where it belongs in the first place: wildlife. When we will finalize this revolution there will be far less need for industrial agriculture altogether, but for now obtaining land that is roughly equal in scale to the continent of Asia is essential to starting this revolution. Therefore, if you support this idea of this new revolution, then I urge you to seriously consider becoming vegan; if everyone did, we could make this revolution a reality.


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