About the Site


The site is about The New Era of freedom for mankind. If we want total freedom it can only come about by not being dependent on any human collective and creating all our basic things by ourselves. Making a living from our own piece of land is the key that will provide our freedom. This glorious human collective will be composed of free people that will not be obligated to anything but their own inner self, heart and desire. The picture of human society will change completely when all individuals in the world are free. We have everything to make this revolution; we have the entire knowledge of a civilization, we have every tool we can think of, the different food growths that we are eating are adapted to us after thousands years of domestication. Even our mentality is half way there as one of our major beliefs is that individuals are centrally important. Being not dependent on any fixed system and having a totally free perspective to see the reality as it really is, is our insurance for living for the next millions and even billions of years. Whereas keeping this unconscious human collective of an uncontrolled economy is a certain path to collapse at one point of time in the future.

New Era is our only option for living free on this earth. The question is if we get to this free world before or after a big collapse.